"Oh My Dad : Christ On A Bike"

JL'o is in trouble - with only 12 followers on Twitter, he is taking time away from the big call centre in the sky to tout for recruits the only way he knows how: love and wind machines.  In biblical fashion and sweat repellent robe, he sets the record straight about the lost years of his life and death.  Join him in an exploration of the angsty songwriting teenager, the spin class instructing graduate and cruci(fixion)ally, the immortal disco-dancing lifestyle guru who saved mankind....
Oh My Dad is an hour-long comedy crossing the genres of both Cabaret and Musical Theatre.  Interspersed between spoken stories, it features both original and re-arranged popular music, songs, high energy dance routines including a jump-rope sequence, an interactive dance workout and even a short music video.

The show has received 4-stars across the board at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2016 including a special feature in the Sunday Herald. Through the success of the show, Jesus was asked to appear as a guest act in various prestigious events in Edinburgh including Alan Cumming's "Club Cumming" where he became a regular performer for the duration of the run.

At the Brighton Fringe, 2017 the show was nominated for the First and Foremost Cabaret and Entertainment Award.

The show is ideal for touring as it is easily transported with a small cast and basic tech spec.  For a full spec please click here.:   Oh My Dad (tech spec).docx